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Dolphin Swims

Swim with Wild Dolphins in the Ocean

along the Kona Coast, Big Island, Hawai‘i

Half–day Morning Boat Swims

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dolphin-swim-1Join Dolphin Essence with a small group of six passengers for one of the best Dolphin Swims on the Big Island, Hawaii, with 300+ wild spinner dolphins playing in their ocean home along the Kona coast. Spotted and bottle nose dolphins may join in the interaction too.

Swimming with the Dolphins with Dolphin Essence will be the highlight of your holiday.

We often see manta rays and sea turtles along with colorful reef fish during our morning adventure, so open your vista to the underwater beauty all around you.

Join us for a life changing and enhancing transformative dolphin swim that will initiate you in the ways of becoming a “dolphin whisperer” with John Float, a knowledgable and dedicated captain well versed in 25 years of offering dolphin swims on the Big Island from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Drinks, snacks, snorkel gear, sunshade and easy ladder boarding are included aboard a comfortable 24ft. Zodiac.

TIME: 8:15am–noon

dolphin-swim-2Please note: These dolphins are wild, and for this reason we cannot absolutely guarantee that we will see them, although we are 99% successful.

All will have a wonderful time!