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Dolphin Swims on Big Island, Hawaii

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Swim with dolphins in the warm, calm, and clear blue waters of the Big Island of Hawaii with Dolphin Essence.

We offer spirit-filled, educational programs wild dolphin swim  and Humpback whale adventures to give you an experience of joyful enlightenment.

Open to your essence as unconditionally loving, creative, and playful beings as the dolphins awaken us to their use of tones, movement, images, telepathy, and other refined high frequency vibrations in our journey to wholeness.

Receive the dolphin transmissions and their cellular, holographic communications, as you take the next leap in your evolution of consciousness.

You guides are experienced professionals who are knowledgable about the ocean and its creatures, as well as in transformational work with body, mind, and spirit.

Choose a dolphin boat swim program with us and swim with the dolphins in Hawaii for for a truly beautiful experience you will always remember. We are 99% successful in meeting up with the dolphins during our swims.