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Aloha! The whales are here! After seeing the first whales in late October, and next to nothing all of November and December, now in the first few days of January 2016, the energy has shifted. I guess the humpbacks are very well fed from the abundance of krill in the northern latitudes in this warm el Nino year and ready for business. Today it was obvious one big reason why they’re here. Love is in the air! We must have seen 30 whales in a half a dozen heat runs; one ripe female in hot pursuit by competing aggressive males, six at a time yesterday, but I’ve seen a dozen fighting each other whilst following the hottie, breaching and butting heads, lunging atop one another, blowing huge bubble clouds, tail whacking their rivals in creating their aquatic mayhem. These boys mean business and are pretty oblivious to anything except getting their prize. We followed slowly like this in the company of the whales for a good part of 2.5 hours after our superb dolphin swim and interaction with 300 spinner and spotted dolphins. We’re all ready to go again tomorrow for another beautiful day in Kona, Hawaii with Dolphin Essence! Join us.