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Meet John

john-floatJohn Float, D.O., is a multi-talented cetacean naturalist, dolphin communicator, Coast Guard certified captain, and British trained osteopath, Alexander teacher, and hypnotherapist.

He is a friend of the dolphins and whales, and when he swims with them, it appears he is one of them. He is a being of joy and light—who delights in sharing what he loves most—being with his cetacean friends.

Living on the Big Island of Hawai`i, he is often in close contact with whales and dolphins. As a marine mammal naturalist certified by the Pacific Whale Foundation, he conducts whale watching expeditions around the world.

John is a director of International Cetacean Education and Research Hawaii (ICERCH), a non profit organization of friends of cetaceans.

For the past years John has worked with Joan Ocean as a seminar organizer, leader, and facilitator, conducting dolphin and whale seminars worldwide designed to facilitate the rediscovery of our joyful, unlimited essence.

John was trained and licensed as an osteopath in England where he ran a very successful practice for 15 years before he moved to Hawai`i to be and work with wild dolphins and whales. In London he was on the staff at Jeyrani Birthing Center, a water birthing and natural health center and was part of a medical team who prepared and supported women to give birth in a dolphin-assisted water birthing program in the Red Sea.

The power of sound was the subject of John’s thesis for his osteopathic degree. Over the years, he has experienced the profound transformational quality of the dolphins’ sounds and sonar. He understands deeply the power of sound to access our inherent capacities for full spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health and evolution. He skillfully uses dance, movement, and sound—music, song and harmonic toning, as tools to open and awaken in his seminars and healing work. When John sings, the dolphins come to hear his sweet voice.

John’s love of marine mammals has taken him to Mexico, Alaska, Florida, California, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, Bali, India, and the United Kingdom.

John has spent much of his life devoted to spiritual evolution—for himself and the planet. He has lived and studied with masters of numerous traditions, and he continues to study, learn, and expand. John embodies the gentleness, patience, compassion, wisdom, and sense of universal responsibility that all spiritual traditions teach. His path is that of joyful enlightenment: celebrating the beauty and wonder of life on planet earth, and sharing the “good stuff” as widely as possible. John is dedicated to creating a better planet for all.

A talented musician, John makes uses sound and voice as instruments of healing and evolution. A gifted and sensitive healer, he facilitates development of our highest potential.